Although we do pay our workers salaries tipping had been a common thing in Tanzania just like in other places all over the World where tourism activities are conducted. In Tanzania tourists are expected to tipp their guides, chiefs and waiters.

Recommended safari and tour staff tips:

  • Driver 5 - 7  Euro  per day
  • Guide  5 - 7  Euro per day
  • Cook (if your having a camping safari) 5 - 7 €/$ p.p. per day
  •  Porters 1 €/$ 
  • Chambermaid 1 €/$ per day
  • in bars or restaurants 10%
  • The amount is per group not per tourist so that means if there are 5 tourists and would like to Tipp a driver, guide or a chief each tourist will have to pay Euro 3 per day.

The tipping amount mentioned above are just guidelines to tourist but the tipping amount can be given more or less depend on service satisfaction.