Visa and Currency


 A visa is needed to enter Republic United of Tanzania; a traveler may obtain a visa through Diplomatic or Consultant mission of the United Republic of Tanzania.

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  • Ordinary Visa 50,00 €/ $
  • Express Visa    70,00 €/ $

There is also a possibility to obtain a visa at the Airport on arriving day. But it may take more than one hour, if there will be other planes arrived at the same time.

The fees have to be paid cash:

  • 50 €/ $

Your Passport will be needed to have at least 6 months of valid.



Tanzanian currency is Tanzanian shilling. Euro and the US Dollar are also widely used and accepted in different places especially in tourism sector. Most of the tourist destinations entry fees are paid in US Dollar and tourism facilities like Restaurants, Lodges and Hotels are also accepting US Dollar.

In towns there Exchange offices, which are changing most of the foreign currencies to Tanzanian Shilling. ATM’s are available in towns but they mostly take debit kind of cards. Usually most of the local Banks and Exchange offices will not change US Dollars, which are made before 2006.

 Hotels, restaurants, lodges, camps, gift shops and big curio shops are accepting credit card such as Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.