Golf & Safari

Golf: Kilimanjaro Course  (incl. 5 x GreenFee)                                                   Safari: Tarangire national park, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater,         LAKE MANYARA NATIONAL PARK, ARUSHA NATIONAL PARK

Day 1: Arriving at Kilimanjaro Airport, transfer to your accommodation.

Villa Luna*, HP              

Day 2: Enjoy your first day on the golf course. You have time to get to know the sprawling landscape of the Kilimanjaro Golf Club  and to admire the beautiful view of the Kilimanjaro.

Day 3: The Course for high demands is an 18-hole course. And in between time you can relax in  the Clubhouse lounge. But who wants, can spend the day in the wonderful nature going by bike** or hiking on the back of a horse**!

Day 4: Another day on the Kilimanjaro golf course. But there are many other offers, which you

can use. Have a trip to the "Hot Springs**, to Lake Duluti** or visit a coffee plantation**.

Day 5: The safari starts driving to Tarangire national park. The game drive leads you through the wonderful nature of the 2850 square kilometer Tarangire national park, through which the  Tarangire river is flowing, carrying water throughout the year. Here you can watch the large herds of elephants and other animals such as giraffes and buffaloes very well.

For bird lovers, the park has even more to offer: large swarms of colorful blackheads and redtail weavers and gray lancet stare. Another attraction is the large ratites with their bushy plumage and long thin necks - the Maasai ostrich.

The landscape consists of grassland, especially on both sides of the river, open tree savannah and hills and rocky outcrops with sparse vegetation. Baobab trees, the famous baobab trees that characterize the image of East Africa, can often be found here.

Sangaiwe Tented Lodge*, VP.    

Day 6: You have the opportunity to visit a Maasai village **. Entry into the Serengeti national park, many animal observations on the route to the camp. You stay in so-called Hemingway tents with comfortable double beds, toilet and shower inside. 

At night you can hear the voices of the animals passing very close to the tents.

ThornTree Camp*, VP

Day 7: The Serengeti national park is a savannah that extends in the north of Tanzania from Lake Victoria to the south of Kenya. It covers an area of 30,000 km². The national park is famous for the huge animal migrations, where about 2.5 million animals cross the steppe areas in search of pastures and water. In this approximately 500 km long circular route unmanageable flocks of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle eat about 4,000 tons of grass per day. They are accompanied by a variety of lions, leopards and hyenas, which feed mainly on the weak and sick animals.

In the Serengeti there is a fascinating biodiversity: gnu and buffalo herds, elephants, antelopes, giraffes, zebras, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, hippos and a variety of birds. An extended game drive will show you the wild beauty.

Day 8: On the way to the Ngorongoro Crater, you will pass the tomb of Bernhard and Michael Grzimek on the crater rim, who have rendered great services to the preservation of African wildlife, especially in the Serengeti.

Take a look from the crater rim into this extraordinary nature reserve!

The Ngorongoro Crater is an extinct volcano several million years old. It has a diameter of about 20 km. With luck, you can see one of the few rhinos in Tanzania. Drive to the crater and visit the so-called Hippo Pool. The name is program:

Have fun watching the huge hippo herds!

Day 9: Driving to Lake Manyara national park.

Lake Manyara is a freshwater lake,  120 km west of Arusha, and is about 230 square kilometer large.

On its shores you will find many animals such as elephants, giraffes and buffaloes as well as large groups of baboons. Also impressive are the large pelican colonies in the shore area.

With a little luck, you can watch trees climbing lions here. If you want you can also do a

tree walk ** in the treetops of the park. Return to the golf course in Arusha.

Day 10: The next day is for relaxation. But you can also use the already known Kilimanjaro Golf Course.

Day 11: Drive to Arusha National Park, where there are still colobus monkeys. View of Mount Meru and Momella Lake with its thousands of flamingos! Then, take a one-hour walk with a ranger, passing close to buffalo herds, zebras and antelopes. The goal is the Tulusia waterfall.

Day 12: The last chance to spend the day on the golf course.

Day 13: Transfer to the airport for the trip home.

The proposed procedure of your trip is of course in consultation with us according to your wishes and ideas to change. Would you also like to enjoy a bathing holiday in Zanzibar? No problem! Here you can pursue your passion, golf, again and relax on beautiful beaches too.

*   or similar according to availability.

**can be booked on the spot.

price on request