Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve was named after Sir Frederick Selous a big game hunter who died at Beho Beho in his territory 1917 while fighting against German during World War 2. Selous Game Reserve is located 490 km South-West of Dar es salaam.


Selous Game Reserve is covering 50,000 sq km that makes it’s a largest game reserve in Africa, Bigger than Switzerland, four times bigger in size than Serengeti National Park. Selous is famous for the buffalo population as it has the highest buffalo population in Africa.2100 plants species had been recorded in this most wonderful Game Reserve in Africa.


Animals like wild dogs, Roosevelt’s Sable, Eland, and Elephants are common in Selous Game Reserve. Leopard, Cheetah and Lions are also common. Selous’s Lions are famous for their punk-like manes which makes them to look different to other African Lions. Rhino are also found but in recent years are quit few compare to few decade ago.


Selous Game Reserve includes diverse range of wildlife; The Game Reserve contains a great diversity of vegetation, ground water forest, swamps and lowland rain forest.



Possible Activities:

  • Game drive
  • Walking Safari
  • Boat trip