Manyara National Park

Just 126 km west of Arusha is the park location with 330 sq km of which up to 200 sq km is covered by Lake when the water level is high. The park is set beneath the spectacular backdrop of the Great Rift Valley steep western escarpment. Lake Manyara is a fresh water alkaline lake that covers half of the park and it expands and contracts seasonally. Once you enter Lake Manyara National Park you will be surrounded by ground water forest.

This unique forest areas resembles a tropical rain forest, but the vegetations are mainly supported by an underground water.

The park is the best place introduction of birds in Tanzania has it has more than 400 species of birds. Manyara lake is a home of thousands pink flamingos.

Big herds of Buffalos and elephants can be easily sported in this park as well as cats, But Manyara lions spends more time on trees and the reason why they spend most time on trees as remain a mystery.

Other animals which are found in Manyara are wildbeests, giraffes, warthogs,leopards and impalas.The park has also high number of primates like vevet monkeys,and blue monkeys.